As you might be reading this, yes, I turned 25 today. Has it been a rosy journey? No.

Have I thought about ending my own stay on this planet? Many times. I've been beaten, ridiculed, mocked, insulted, bruised (verbally and physically) but God somehow gets me up every time, as…

People will think this is hogwash, that the person writing this does not even know what he’s writing. But I’m writing this down anyway, at least for the person who cares enough to read till the end.

For those not up to speed with things (including myself) this is what…

How do I feel nothing celebrating my 24 years alive on this planet?

This is no ordinary year. If anything, 2020 has a special place in the dustbin, unless you’re Elsa Majimbo.

The year began abnormally. We were visited by locusts, erratic weather and a mildly lethal virus that…

Friend: Why can’t any other football club buy Sadio?
Me: He costs too much Mane.

Marvin Chege

忍者. Who Am I? Digital Journalist. Content Curator. Founder: Viral Tea Kenya. Views My Own.

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